House Cleaning


*3 Deep Cleaning plan $255.00 (refrige, oven, windows etc)
*2 Deep Cleaning plan $175.00 (refrige, oven, etc)

We recommend a Deep Clean for the initial cleaning.

The 2-housekeepers Deep Clean is everything on the Basic Cleaning plus the inside of the refrigerator, the inside of the oven, and the windows on the inside of your home (windows are only included in the 3-housekeeper deep clean package).
You can either have a 3-housekeeper Deep Clean or a 2-housekeeper Deep Clean.  They would be in your home for 4 hours or 3 hours (which means you would be getting about 12 hours’ worth of cleaning or 6 hours’ worth of cleaning done respectively).

*Basic Cleaning plan $85.00

the plan is perfect for keeping your 1-4 bedroom home. after that initial 3 or 2-housekeepers deep cleaning, your weekly 3-4 hours regular cleaning will continually make your home beautiful.

Organize while we clean (medium to large volume of areas covered with clothes, books, etc. extra charges will apply)
General (Living/Dining Rooms & Walkways/Hallways/Offices)
Dust, polish all furniture, and sweep floors
Vacuum carpets, vacuum floors as required
Mop hardwood & tile floors (we do not scrub hard wood floors)
Clean windows sills (inside)
Doorknobs, dust air vents, empty wastebaskets & bagged (we do not dispose of garbage unless instructed the location of the disposal area)
Clean all glass surfaces/mirrors/picture frames Dust and clean baseboards, bookcases
Clean and dust corners & edges, clean light switch Window panels cleaned and wiped thoroughly Kitchen
Clean outside of stovetop, microwave, refrigerator and all other appliances Thorough cleaning of exterior surfaces, cabinets
Disinfect counter tops, garbage container
Hand wash small amount of dishes
Mop floors (Free of charge to scrub high traffic areas with heavy dirt build up (medium to large areas extra charge will apply)

Disinfect all areas including sinks, toilets, showers, and bathtubs, stand in showers, tile walls
Clean mirrors, clean light switch
Clean, polish and shine all wood/chrome surfaces
Clean and shine all metal items such as faucets and handles
Scrub floors if needed

Strip beds and remake with fresh linens (please put out linens for the housekeeper to replace.)
Mop floors, dust & polish furniture, vacuum if needed Windows/Frames/Mirrors (Standard size)
Frames: all dusted & wiped if needed Mirrors: all dusted & wiped if needed

You can do for your home as well Carpet/sofa Removing smell and the stain will come off by steam cleaning It will become gorgeous!!
Your floor will become bright and shiny by using floor wax!!

The floor with lots of dust that looked like snow has become so beautiful

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